Bridge Fans!!  We have 20 students for this Semester Bridge!

Our Goals:

1.    To enable Vic High Students to experience the educational and social benefits of Bridge.

2.    To have Vic High students successfully complete the ACBL Bidding Club Series Course by the end of Semester, January, 2012.

3.    To have Vic High students participate and compete in the Victoria, BC  Ace of Hearts Tournament, February 2012.

4.    To have the students from #2 above successfully complete the ACBL Play of the Hand Course by the end of June, 2012.

Upcoming events:

·        At the end of January, 2012, we will hold a school based tournament.  ACBL will provide t-shirts for all Students who successfully completed the 9 hours of lessons.  They will also provide trophies for the top N-S partners and for the top E-W partners.  

·        Vic High Bridge mentor program will be established before January 2012.

·        Supervised play is possible by opening an account on 

·        Till end of January 2012, Room 412 is open from 11:32 to 12:15 – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for formal instruction and Thursday for catch-up and/or play. 

You could browse the ACBL site and check out the free programs:  Also, check out the following links for more “out there” information on Bridge in schools and what Warren Buffet and Bill Gates have to say.    Email me at for more information and/or to express interest.

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