Science10 - Motion

Chapter 8 Average velocity is the rate of change in position.

        NOTES ON SECTION 8.1

         339 (4:49) Roller Coaster Physics - what's the role of energy in making a roller coaster move?

         339 Understanding Roller Coaster - use this java simulator to design your own roller coaster and investigate the physics consequences of your design.

         339 Build Your Own Coaster - exactly as the title suggests; see how far you can push the "Fear-o-Meter"!

         341 (varying in length) Exploratorium Sport Science - several sports are investigated, including baseball, cycling and surfing.

         341 (varying in length) Dr. Skateboard's Trick Tips - awesome skateboard tricks, and all the motion principles behind them. Students will love watching these!! Well done!!

        354*** (3:19) NASCAR Photo Finish it doesn't get much closer than this!

        360*** (0:24) Rap attack in Action on Mt. Habrich when someone is injured in a remote area, it's a good thing the Rap attack is there to save the day.

        360 Language of Motion Crossword. (Also available for download )

        NOTES ON SECTION 8.2

         362-366 Position vs. Time - move the bike and the graph is drawn by magic!

         362-366 The Physics of Motion on a Line - need some help understanding what motion looks like on a graph? Check this site for some motion graphing examples.

         367-370 Using Conversion Factors - good examples, plus a quiz to try.

         367-370 Units: What Are They Good For? - try this tutorial; it's got some good hints if you get stuck.

Chapter 9 - Acceleration is the rate of change in velocity.

        NOTES ON SECTION 9.1

        WORKBOOK 9.1 (pages may be downloaded and printed at home)

        Section 9.1 Quiz

        380-386 Acceleration scroll down to check out acceleration and the Human Body!!

         380 Bjarni Tryggvason - Canadian Space Agency biography.

         380 (varying in length) NASA Space Shuttle Several video clips to choose from.

         380 (1:24) How Space Shuttles Work Excellent! - from launch to landing. Scroll down to find lots of info here.

        386 *** (3:17) Centrifuge - pilots must be tested for their tolerance to the forces generated by rapid acceleration. This video shows how some people can take the forces, while some just aren't cut out for it!

         389 The Science of Superheroes - very interesting analysis of superheroes. Some games and quizzes too! Have fun.

         390 (varying in length) The Story of John Paul Stapp - amazing story and spectacular photos of the tests John Stapp conducted. Scroll down to see clips and pictures.

        NOTES ON SECTION 9.2


Physics: Newton's First Law of Motion






Physics: Projectile Motion


         392-397 Acceleration with Velocity Simulations - watch the motion and the graph carefully. Do this together.

         Acceleration - what happens when velocity changes? Includes questions as well.

         393 (0:28) How Air Bags Work - clear description of the technology.

         393 Airbags - excellent consumer brochures for download, and some great videos as well.

        393 ***(0:58) Airbag Deployment Video this is excellent test-footage of how a high-speed accident can almost completely destroy a car, but clearly illustrates the life-saving potential of airbag technology.

         Skydiving with Nova! - Nova takes us freefalling!!

         398-400 Stationed in the Stars - Free Falling - what does gravity have to do with weightlessness in orbit? This excellent site has great animations to help explain the connection.

        62 (0:47) Galileo on the Moon - watch David Scott as he drops a feather and hammer on the moon. (Free Teacher's Domain registration required)

         400 Galileo's Battle for the Heavens: His Experiments - animations of his most famous experiments. Part of the Galilieo site at NOVA.

        411 ***(0:07) Sports Motion bobsleigh take-off, triple jump, long jump. Some great examples of the human motion in sports.